Enzyme Coffee: Growing Trend in Specialty Coffee Industry for Weight Loss

iced coffee on a table in a cafe

Enzyme coffee, also known as “fermented” or “processed” coffee, is gaining popularity in the specialty coffee industry globally. This unique coffee-making process involves adding specific enzymes to the coffee beans during processing to enhance their flavor and aroma. But it’s not just the flavor and aroma that make Enzyme Coffee stand out. Many Enzyme Coffee … Read more

US to Provide Australia with at Least 4 Nuclear-Powered Submarines: Latest News

Australia’s plans to purchase at least four nuclear-powered Virginia-class submarines from the United States is seen as a move to counter China’s military ambitions in the Pacific. While the delivery of the submarines may not happen until the 2030s, the expected announcement will serve as a demonstration of progress by the AUKUS grouping, made up … Read more

Japan Achieves Gender Parity in Prosecutors’ Office, Sets Example for World

woman in black blazer sitting at the table

TOKYO – In a country known for its lack of gender equality, women in Japan are finding equal footing in the legal field, particularly in the Tokyo District Prosecutors Office where the male-female ratio has reached 50-50 this year, according to officials. This is a marked change from 20 years ago when only 8% of … Read more

Indonesia Landslide Tragedy: 21 Dead, Dozens Still Missing

fog above woodland on mountain slope

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Rescuers recovered more bodies buried under tons of mud from a landslide that crashed onto a hilly village on Indonesia‚Äôs remote Natuna islands, bringing the death toll to 21, officials said Thursday. The landslide, triggered by torrential downpours, plunged down surrounding hills on Monday, burying 30 houses in Genting village on a … Read more